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Primary Dance UK Limited benefit from A2F support for Equity Funding and Covid-19 support

The Access to Finance Lancashire team helped Primary Dance UK Ltd to secure an offer for equity investment via the Tier 1 Innovate for Visa scheme in May 2020.

Established in January 2019 by Sarah Hawthorne and Jacqui Sanderson and based in Nelson, the business will provide online dance routines to support teachers in primary schools which is part of the national curriculum. These innovative dance routines will support the children in the early years and primary school setting.

Having received a lot of interest from local authorities and keen to roll out the support to schools, Sarah approached Steve Wall and Cassim Patel at Access to Finance to seek assistance to find alternative funding that will help drive the business towards their aspirations.

At an early stage it was clear that equity funding would provide the best solution to the business and over a series of meetings Cassim provided support to develop their pitch presentation and business plan, helping the business to receive an offer of £100,000 equity investment.

Further support was provided during the COVID-19 pandemic in applying for a Bounce Back Loan to ensure the business remains on track to launch in September 2020.

When we were referred to the Access to Finance Lancashire team, we had no idea how to go about obtaining the funding we needed for growth. From the first phone call, Cassim was able to lay out the options for Primary Dance UK clearly and with a personable approach. 

Within weeks of contacting Access to Finance, I was prepared to pitch to investors with confidence and felt fully supported through the process. Cassim was particularly helpful in supporting us to make financial projections and helping is understand what investors are looking for in a business. 

This support has resulted in us obtaining a £100,000 investment which will secure our future growth and development. In addition to this, the advice we have received from the Access to Finance team has ensured we have been able to cope financially through the recent COVID-19 pandemic.” 

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